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Balochistan Doctors Buying Their Own Protective Gear To Fight Coronavirus

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After losing hope of getting protective gear from the Balochistan government, the doctors in the province have purchased the Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) of worth Rs 2.8 million from their own pocket to fight against the deadly coronavirus at frontlines.

Moreover, nearly 18 doctors have contracted coronavirus that raised the total number of medical staff coronavirus patients to 30 in Balochistan.

Geo News reported that the Balochistan government was not utilising enough resources to buy the protective gear for the doctors. The report quoted Dr Ayesha, a member of Young Doctors Association (YDA) as saying, “We had been left with no other option but to purchase PPEs and face masks worth Rs. 2.8 million ourselves.” Meanwhile, the provincial health officials rebutted the young doctors’ complaints, saying that most of the doctors got infected by the virus at their private clinics, not in public hospitals.

“These doctors have contracted the virus at private hospitals or during private OPDs. Some of them fell ill because they did not adopt proper safety guidelines,” Dr Saleem Abro, the director general health Balochistan claimed.

Last week, the young doctors in Balochistan hold a protest against the lack of protective equipment at local hospitals, including basic like N-95 masks and gloves. The police baton charged the doctors and arrested over 60 of them, that were released a day later.


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