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Al Fatah Gulberg Closed After 3 Staffers Test Positive For Coronavirus

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Three staffers of Lahore’s Al Fatah Gulberg have tested positive for the deadly coronavirus. The authorities have closed down the departmental store for an unknown period of time.

Deputy Inspector General Operations Lahore Rai Babar Saeed has confirmed on Twitter that three employees of Al Fatah have diagnosed with coronavirus. “The patients are shifted to quarantine centre while the store has been closed,” the police official said.

Earlier, Al Fatah posted a public notice on their social media handles, terming the news of their staffer contracting coronavirus as ‘fake’. The store claimed in the notice, “The news has been wrongfully spread as our store was only closed for the purpose of fumigation as recommended by government authorities.” The public notice was later deleted from all the social media websites.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday had announced ease in the countrywide coronavirus lockdown. While briefing the media, the premier said, “National Coordination Committee (NCC) has opted to resume operations of the construction industry from today [April 14]. However, the provinces can make their own decision if they wish to continue the restrictions.”

Following the decision of ruling party Pakistan-Tehreek-Insaf (PTI), various lockdown violations have been reported across the country.


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