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Aerial Firing By Karachi Police To Control Crowd Results In Death Of A Woman

A woman ended up shot by mistake after police in Karachi’s PIB Colony resorted to aerial firing to manage a crowd gathered due to an unauthorized ration distribution drive by welfare organizations. Four police officials have been arrested due to the accidental death of the woman, who was standing close to a window of her house, near the scene of the aerial firing.

The unfortunate incident occurred in the Nishter Basti area, where a crowd gathered after two welfare organizations began distributing rations without having informed the district administration in advance. Volunteers of the two welfare organizations clashed with each other, leading to a situation spiraling out of control by the time police arrived. In their effort to restore order, the police fired shots into the air – resulting in the death of the woman at her window.

Her body was moved to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. The police are awaiting a medical report and a complaint by her family, but sources suggest that they will not proceed with their complaint. Police officials nevertheless have stated that action against the four policemen responsible will proceed.


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Naya Daur