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‘Unethical’ Media Coverage Of Aurat March Criticised

Media is being criticised for its coverage of the Aurat March, held across Pakistan on Sunday. The marchers took to Twitter to share their unpleasant experiences accusing the reporters covering the march of unethical and sexist reporting.

People took to Twitter and accused Daily Pakistan’s reporter Yasir Shami of practicing unethical journalism, as he tried to trap marchers by putting his words in their mouth. The reporter was seen getting personal with the participants of the march while interviewing them.

Author Saadia Toor replied to a tweet of media outlet Daily Pakistan, saying that their reporter’s behaviour was ‘sexist’ and ‘insulting’ to the participants of Aurat March at Lahore. “Your corporate sponsors won’t like that I think,” she added.

A user shared her experience on Twitter and claimed that she fought with a reporter at Aurat March because the reporter only wanted to portray her negatively. She said “if I end up on the news all red faced and flustered, please know that the reporter was an ass.”

Journalist Maleeha Mengal said on her Twitter handle that the reporter of Daily Pakistan bullied her during an interview at the march. She said the reporter was repeatedly asking every girl about the meaning of controversial slogan ‘mera jism meri marzi’ (my body, my consent).

Another user claimed that a reporter said to her that “you people [girls] cannot even kill a cockroach, and you people are on streets demanding rights.”


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