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Terrifying Scenes At Funeral Of A Coronavirus Victim In Hangu

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A police officer shared haunting details of the conditions in which the funeral of a coronavirus victim from Khyber Pakhtnkhwa (KP) was held in Hangu. In a series of tweets, he described the scenes as ‘terrifying’ and said that no one was there to bid farewell to the deceased as his body was lowered to the resting place. “No soft murmurs and slow sobs. It was horrific, the air filled with fear & terror. The fear of an unseen & unfelt enemy that evade every barrier, respects no border, regard no age, gender or religion”, he tweeted.

He further shares that the coffin of the deceased along with his father were shifted through an ambulance from Peshawar.

The police officer continues: “It was parked at a distance, away from the mourners & they were not allowed to go beyond a specific point. The father, who was layered in protective gear was not 4- allowed to get off the ambulance To bid farewell and offer the Namaz e Janaza, there were only five people other than the Imam and they wept helplessly in pain and sorrow through out the prayer. The burial process was itself heart wrenching,

The Rescue officials were reluctant to touch the coffin & it was decided to pull the coffin from the ambulance with help of ropes but no one was willing to tie the coffin. His father volunteered. This sight was so painful, a feeble sobbing father tieing the coffin of his son with all his relatives, neighbours, mourners standing there as mere spectators. That’s the story of how the final goodbyes were said amidst pain and trauma. It appeared as if the impalpable tiny virus was powerful enough to annihilate them all.”

Finally, he shared how the coffins was dragged with the help of ropes from the ambulance into the grave by rescue workers. The victim’s father was later placed in quarantine.


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