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Rural Areas’ Students Protest Against Online Lectures Citing Poor Internet Speed

The students of rural and peripheral areas are protesting against the decision of Pakistani universities to initiate online classes due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The students have been protesting on social media and raising their concerns using a trend #We_Want_Semester_Break. “Technical subjects and lab courses cannot be taught on video streaming software,” one of the concerns of the students.

The students argued that most of them belonged to the remote rural areas, where internet facility is too poor to attend the online classes. The protestors even termed the online classes as discriminatory against the students living in the rural areas of Pakistan.

A student said that the private universities charge extraordinary fees from them, and in return they are teaching them on internet – that is not right at all.

Another student while highlighting his concerns said, “Every teacher just wants to complete the course. They are just sending us notes and we cannot even understand from where to start.”

Following the government’s decision to close the universities across Pakistan due to the spread of deadly coronavirus, the universities decided to continue the courses of students through online classes – that is now being criticised widely.


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Naya Daur