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Punjab Govt Faces Backlash For ‘Anti-Poor’ Encroachment Drive

  • 14

Punjab government is once again facing criticism for initiating a drive against encroachments in the provincial capital, which has been termed ‘anti-poor’.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Lahore Danish Afzal shared photos of street vendors’ carts, which have been taken away, claiming that the city’s administration is acting against the encroachments in Lahore.

Danish Afzal took to Twitter to inform people that Lahore’s administration has confiscated 20 carts, 15 counters, and various cylinders of street vendors. He said that about 10 alleged ‘encroachments’ were also demolished during the drive.

Meanwhile, Twitterati are outraged by the government’s act of forcibly taking away livelihood of the poor.

Sociologist Umair Javed in reply to DC Lahore’s tweet, termed the drive ‘anti-poor’ and said that “the government is trying to make a living in an unforgiving economy.”

Journalist Munir Ahmed on Twitter asked as if this was the ‘vision’ of the prime minister and Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar.

A Twitter user while lashing out the authorities said snatching bread from poor’s mouth is not ‘administration’.


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