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PPP Slams Govt Efforts To Prevent University Events Showing Pakistan’s Ethnic Diversity

After the federal government’s instructions to stop events in universities that highlight the experiences and culture of Pakistan’s various ethnic and national groups, Senator Raza Rabbani of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has slammed the government’s approach as a violation of academic freedom, provincial autonomy and the Constitution itself.

Senator Rabbani’s comments came in the aftermath of a letter from the federal government, addressed to chief secretaries on a provincial level, calling on them to stop events that showcase ethnic diversity and nationalist movements within Pakistan. The letter was written by an additional secretary of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training.

In Senator Rabbani’s view, “This is a very dangerous path that the federal government is treading upon.”

He went on to express the view that Pakistan as a federation stands to become stronger due its diversity in ethnic and linguistic groups – if such diversity is recognized and various cultures and histories are allowed to merge into one Pakistani culture.


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