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Police Arrest 4 Men Involved In Torture, Murder Of Christian Labourer

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Kasur police have arrested four accused in case of killing a Christian labourer Saleem Masih, who was inhumanly beaten to death last week, for polluting the tube well water by bathing in it.

Focal Person to Chief Minister Punjab on Digital Media Azhar Mashwani posted the photo of four accused men, standing behind the bars on his Twitter handle, saying the provincial government would facilitate victim’s family, ensuring that those involved in this ‘barbarity’ would get ‘exemplary punishment’.

Last week, a 22-year-old Christian labourer Saleem Masih was severely tortured to death by local landowners in Kasur for bathing in their tube-well water and ‘polluting’ it. The deceased’s father Ghafoor Masih said that the attackers took Saleem to their cattle farm, where they continued beating him with rods after chaining his hands and feet.

“They also rolled a thick iron rod over Saleem’s entire body, which led to fractures and internal injuries,” Ghafoor added. He further said the accused also called Saleem a ‘filthy Christian’ while cursing him for ‘polluting’ the water.


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