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PM Khan: To Fight Coronavirus People Must Stay At Home

PM Imran Khan on Sunday said he can’t announce lockdowns because the poor workers who depend on daily wages to feed families would suffer and how would they survive? My argument is if that man or the people within a family who go out daily to earn a livelihood would not have safety of life and their well-being is at high risk, then what good is that livelihood?

If daily wage workers get infected, and given the living conditions they might infect 10 to 20 people in turn, the numbers will increase exponentially. If health is gone, then what will his family will do?

Everyone should be quarantines in their own homes. Competent organizations, welfare societies, NGO workers and volunteers can help provide basic groceries to poor people. Such a network could include HELPLINE numbers also, so the wider reach is possible.

It is time for a lockdown. Rangers should be deployed on the streets and roads; the army should be on main chowks to help the police in maintaining law and order situation and ensuring that people don’t gather. And they can also help people to get them necessary items and if needed take them to the hospitals. People should not be allowed to use any transport and that would restrict their travel within cities. And if some transport is allowed, there should be maximum number of passengers prescribed by the government.

People are not that cautious or wise as PM thinks they are. Many people think that lockdowns are holidays. Many are organising parties, irresponsible parents and elders are taking children to the parks. Children are playing cricket and other games all day in their neighborhood. In these circumstances, government should come forward and take proper measures to control things before the infection gets out of hand.

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If these measures be taken even for three to four weeks, we can suppress the spread of this virus successfully. This will avoid a panic situation and fearful environment for the coming.

PM must take tough decisions. Now.


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