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PM Announces Corona Relief Fund, Pledges ‘Exemplary Punishment’ For Hoarders

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced the formation of ‘Prime Minister Corona Relief Fund’ for the affectees of prevailing economic situation in the country amid the lockdown. In his address to the nation, the PM said that the lockdown cannot succeed in Pakistan because the poor will be unemployed and we won’t be able to help them. “This virus does not differentiate between the rich and the poor”, he said.

He said that the government would not leave the poor in the lurch. He added that the relief package would accept donations from within and outside Pakistan.

Acknowledging the lack of resources, Khan said that despite hardships, the government announced the biggest relief package in Pakistan’s history. “We don’t have enough resources, but the power of faith and our youth can compensate for this dearth”, he said.

The PM reiterated that the newly-formed Corona Tiger Force will assist the government authorities and reach out to those in need. He further said that under the government’s Ehsaas Programme, donors will be able to connect with the needy. The relief effort will be well-coordinated so all deserving communities are catered to, he said.

Further, the PM strongly warned the hoarders , “I want to tell the hoarders that you will be responsible if people die of hunger in Pakistan. If that happens, I vow to give you exemplary punishment.


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