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Panic In Punjab As Measures To Contain Coronavirus Remain Inadequate

Amid the deadly coronavirus spread in Punjab – after which 26 confirmed cases have emerged from the province to date, Punjab government has failed to address the critical situation adequately. General public are complaining about the shortage of basic safety material such as face masks, gloves and hand sanitisers in the province.

According to a news report published in The Express Tribune, the shortage of basic grocery items, eatables, medicines, and safety materials has increased the panic among the masses. Meanwhile, the newspaper reported that Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar has directed the authorities concerned to further tighten precautionary measures at the Governor House. All the staff members and security personnel of Governor House have been declared clear of coronavirus symptoms after their screening.

An official of Shaukat Khanum Hospital told the newspaper that the hospital has a limited number of coronavirus test kits which cannot be used for every citizen who has doubt of the infection. Responding to a question, he indicated that the government has notified coronavirus test rate of Rs7,900 but it is being conducted free of cost.

Moreover, several citizens have been complaining that some private hospitals were charging over Rs9,000 for the coronavirus test, that was not affordable for most of them.

The provincial government has notified 14 laboratories for coronavirus tests, including Punjab AIDS Lab, Lahore; Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, and Punjab Health Laboratory.


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