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Pakistan’s First Coronavirus Patient Upset Over Breach Of Privacy

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The first patient of coronavirus in Pakistan has opened up about his ordeal and how the events unfolded from the diagnosis to his recovery.

22-year-old student Yahya Jaffrey who was the first Pakistani to get coronavirus has now fully recovered. He had returned to Karachi from Iran when he was tested positive for the deadly disease.

Express Tribune published a detailed statement by the student who says that his symptoms of the virus were obvious so his father advised him to see a doctor immediately. He was taken to Aga Khan Hospital where he was diagnosed with the virus. “That’s how I became the first corona-positive case in Pakistan”, he says.

He further said that he was shifted to an isolation ward following the diagnosis, and his treatment began. He adds that the ‘mysterious pathogen’ had not infected his respiratory system because he was diagnosed early.

He recalled how the doctors and health workers tried to reassure him by telling him that the immune system of young patients can fight the disease.

Talking about his time at the isolation ward, he said that his treatment was ‘excellent’ and he was handled professionally by the medics. Moreover, he says that the members of the World Health Organisation (WHO) also asked for details of his case.

Jaffrey made a speedy recovery and says that he was tested thrice and each time the results showed that the virus was out of his system. He was then discharged from the hospital.

However, an unfortunate part of the episode has upsetted him. He says that his personal details somehow reached the media and this breach of privacy created problems for him and his family. He regretted that his photo went viral on social media, adding: “I became a pariah.”

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