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Order Suspending All Gatherings: LUMS Student Writes To SC As Campus Closed Down

Pakistan, like other third-world countries, lacks resources to tackle life-threatening issues such as the Coronavirus and the denial of such a statement is only going to cause us more harm than benefit. It is true that we are not equipped to diagnose patients or even work out a cure; however, we still can take steps to control the spread of the COVID-19 in Pakistan.

In light of this, my first request is to the Imams of our holy Mosques, all over Pakistan to please announce on their loudspeakers while delivering Azans that the Coronavirus is a deadly disease that can take lives and therefore people must take precautionary measures to control the spread of this disease. The Imams should further inform that the symptoms of Coronavirus are flu, shortness of breath and coughing. Therefore, if any person has such symptoms, they must isolate themselves from others, whereas the rest of the people should wash their hands frequently throughout the day and stay at their homes instead of going outside until the issue subsides. Our respected Imams are citizens everyone in Pakistan respects and through their voice, we can give out directions more emphatically to people on the streets on how to protect themselves.

My second request is to our distinguished elected parliamentarians and leaders of political parties across Pakistan to please raise their voices and raise awareness amongst their fellow supporters about COVID-19. I further request the political leaders that they humbly set aside their differences and work together in peace and harmony to provide economic resources to the downtrodden section of the society. All of these leaders have immense power and it’s high time that they use these powers for the welfare of the people.

My third request is to the honorable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to please issue orders all over Pakistan for closing down of any events that can lead to large or even small gatherings. Furthermore, the Supreme Court is requested to order that instruments such as sanitizers and face masks or any other particulars that will serve as essentials in controlling the spread of the virus, be made available at very cheap rates to purchase for every citizen of Pakistan. Under no circumstances should we allow capitalism to benefit from health disasters. Thirdly, a curfew needs to be placed on people 24/7 and only in case of essential travel should people be allowed to venture outside their homes. However, we must realize that Pakistan is a poor country where most of its citizens are daily wage laborers or low earners who have no choice but to work outside their homes. For them, the government ought to provide them with basic resources for their monthly use at their homes so that they don’t have any reason to venture outside their homes and only then will we be really able to properly control the spread of COVID-19.

Respected Chief Justice, I humbly implore to inform that this is an issue of public importance for public at large with the fundamental right to life at the crux of the matter. Therefore, the august Supreme Court is requested to take a suo-motu notice of the situation and direct the state machinery to be used in a way that the spread of the disease is effectively controlled or else millions will die.

My fourth and last request is to the general public, and I wish to humbly request them that they isolate themselves, avoid travel and venturing outside their homes. Moreover, the economically stronger people should provide resources to economically unstable people. Moreover, the general public should also spread the message of this virus to their loved ones and ask them to take all the precautions possible.

We all know if the disease spreads, we won’t be able to provide extensive medical care to everyone and therefore, if the spread isn’t controlled, millions of our closed ones will die sorrowful deaths.

To conclude, we must accept that we are an economically unstable country. However, this fact alone should not dictate the future of our country. Thus, we can work together and find amicable solutions for addressing this problem and the first step of solving this problem is to accept that we are doomed if we don’t control this disease and therefore we need to take serious precautions.

The reason I felt inclined on writing this article is that I am a student whose university has also been closed due to the deadly coronavirus and similarly, almost all educational institutions over Pakistan have been closed out. However, most of the Pakistani community is still failing to understand the grave seriousness of the matter as to why we need to control the spread of the coronavirus. It is crucial that we, as responsible citizens raise our voices and ensure that every single citizen of Pakistan hears the message loud and clear about the virus and learns about which steps they ought to take to control it.

If this letter proves to be helpful, many will benefit and that’s what we all should try to do; be helpful to our fellow citizens.

May God protect us all!


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Naya Daur