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GCU Fires Political Science Teacher For Encouraging Critical Thinking On Campus

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    The administration of Government College University (GCU) has been accused of suspending a Political Science teacher Zaighum Abbas for allegedly being ‘political’ in the campus, and for enabling the students to debate and think critically.

    Zaighum, posted a status on his Facebook profile, highlighting his four-year-long teaching career in the university, and the grounds on which his contract has not been renewed by GCU administration. The teacher said that he was recently informed ‘verbally’ that his contract would not be renewed, on grounds that he was being ‘political’ and vocal against the issues students and teachers had been facing every day on campus. He said, despite his long professional service to the institute, the administration did not even bother to inform him through a written termination notice.

    He said that the rumored reason for his contract termination was that he empowered students to engage in political activities. “I want to state proudly that I invited my students to be open, rational and taught them to engage in critical debates. I cultivated a culture of dialogue and engagement, and taught my students to question everything which had been fed to them. These were the activities that the myopic men on campus could neither digest nor tolerate,” the teacher said on social media.

    While highlighting his teaching career at the university, he said: “during my past four years as a lecturer at GC University, I loved my job so much that I elected to live away from my family in Gilgit, believing that at least I was contributing something meaningful to society and the country at large.”

    Historian and activist Ammar Ali Jan took to Twitter, to condemn this act of GCU administration. He said that Zaighum has been fired just for speaking on ‘student rights’. He said, earlier Dr. Amir Iqbal was fired for ‘exposing’ administration’s corruption. “Teachers who speak for rights are targeted. Critical thinking is under attack on campuses,” he added.

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    1. .Hassan Cheema March 12, 2020

      Hello nayadaur!
      while i too am ideologically on the side of academics/decency versus administration, so writer ko surkh salam, but bro, there are a couple of things serious;ly wrong with this piece.
      1. It sounds biased: e.g, non-renewal of his contract is called termination, which it is not,.
      2: there is no comment from GCU admin, or mention of how the writer/reporter tried to reach them but couldn’t.
      3. Down with yellow journalism! down with lazy journalist! booooooo!

    2. Neha March 14, 2020

      I am not agreed …. I am a student of gcu and i know this teacher had never took his classes seriously and also his type of critical thinking is the sign of lack of knowledge and also lack of tarbiyaah too.
      To me he is not even a person able to be a teacher …. I have seen him breaking the basic athics and rules of institute. Despite criticising a whole institute you must first check his working report.

    3. Ammara NaJeEB March 18, 2020

      I Support zaigham abbas and Shame on gcu for terminating someone based on their critical.thinking abilities . We should honour such teachers. Only the timid or coward will remain non political which Pakistani universities are trying to make their students.


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