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Designer Maria B Claims Husband Forcibly Taken Away By Police After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

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Fashion designer Maria B has claimed that the Punjab police raided her home and took her husband into custody after he had contracted coronavirus. “They treated us as if are criminals”, she said, in a video released on social media.

In the video, a visibly upset Maria B condemns the police’s act of arresting her husband, suggesting that he was punished for contracting the deadly virus.

However, a different side of the story is doing the rounds on social media. According to reports, a cook at their house had tested positive for coronavirus, but Maria and her husband sent him to his village via public transport instead of informing the doctors, thereby endangering lives. They did not inform the authorities that he had contracted the disease and this concealment of information is being cited as the reason for the arrest of Maria B’s husband.

Naya Daur tried to contact Punjab police officials for their comment on the incident and is awaiting a response.


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