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Covid-19: Critical Voices On Social Media React To PM’s Hesitation To Lock Down The Country

  • 27

As the Pakistani public becomes better aware of the scale of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impending effects on Pakistan, social media has seen increasing dissatisfaction with PM Imran Khan’s stance on combating the outbreak. The Pakistani PM so far appears committed to a policy just short of a lockdown. In fact, some commentators have also noted that he does not seem to share their understanding of what a lockdown entails.

Reactions of anger and alarm have been piling up on social media, urging the PTI-led government to revisit its policy on fighting the novel Coronavirus.

Some have pointed out that a lockdown is inevitable and urged the federal government to implement it right away:

Others have suggested that the PM’s inability to reach a lockdown decision will mean culpability for the government in the event of a public health disaster. These social media voices see the decision-making so far as irresponsible and shortsighted.

Still others are comparing the PTI-led government’s current reluctance for a lockdown with the party’s own attempt to shut the country down during its time of dharna protests when it was in opposition:


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