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After Sindh, Balochistan Govt Also Bans Friday Prayers

The Balochistan government on Thursday announced to ban mass prayers and congregations in the mosques for a period of 12 days to counter the deadly coronavirus outbreak, following the decision of Sindh government to close the mosques for the general public.

Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamla shared a written order on Twitter, informing people about the recent development. It has been mentioned in the order that only three or five people ‘designated for mosque’ (prayer leader and care-takers of mosque) would be allowed to offer prayers in the mosque.

“The general public will offer their prayers at their respective homes as per directions and guidance from the religious scholars with immediate effect for a period of 12 days,” the written order stated.

The Balochistan government also thanked the religious scholars of different schools of thoughts for giving input in this regard and unanimously deciding that the government – for medical reasons – can restrict the general public to offer prayers in the mosques.


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