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3 Ahmadi Graves Desecrated By Police In Khushab

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Police allegedly desecrated three graves belonging to the members of Ahmadiyya community in Punjab’s Chak-2 TDA district in Khushab on Thursday night. The incident took place a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan warned that anyone targeting the country’s minorities would be dealt with strictly.

Spokesman of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Pakistan Saleem-ud-Din took to Twitter to inform people that three graves of Ahmadis had been desecrated by local police at the ‘behest of clerics’ in Khushab. “The Ahmadis are not even safe in their graves in Pakistan,” he added.

On February 26, PM Imran, while commenting on minorities’ status in the country said, “I want to warn our people that anyone in Pakistan targeting our non-Muslim citizens or their places of worship will be dealt with strictly.”

People on Twitter have criticised the police for vandalising the graves of already persecuted community.

A social media user said that its sad that police, who is responsible to protect public property and maintain law and order have done this act.

Last month, Ahmadi’s 100-year-old place of worship in Kasur was handed over to local clerics by government authorities.


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