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Woman Delivers Baby In Mosque Washroom After Being Denied Treatment At Jinnah Hospital

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A woman was forced to deliver her baby in the washroom of a mosque, after she was allegedly denied medical assistance at Jinnah Hospital Lahore.

According to a news report published in DAWN, the gynecologist refused to admit Asifa Hammad, appor woman, ‘for not bringing test reports from a private lab of choice’ located right in front of Jinnah Hospital.

Hammad, a driver by profession took his wife to the hospital around 2am on Thursday due to her serious condition. But the doctors denied her treatment, subsequently Asifa gave birth to the baby in the washroom of the mosque on the premises of the health facility.

The incident once again exposed inhuman behaviour of medical practitioners that has been one of the major factors behind poor healthcare delivery to people in public hospitals of the country.


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