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Why Are Working Women Deemed Evil In Pakistan?

Our social narrative paints a faulty picture of working women, which is far from reality. But this picture is definitely the reflection of our ideological system.

The first problem is the portrayal of the working women. Working women are deemed ‘bad women’. They can easily get around the men and trap them or at least use the woman card at the workplace to get themselves a job. Even for the promotion, they do not have to show any ability; they can easily cut the path short by taking shortcuts while the poor men have to work hard to get the same position.

Such misunderstandings are only created about women, while no one sees what the other side of the picture is. What is ‘the other’ story? Does the man use the woman? Or does the woman use the man? Can’t men also use some sort of shortcut to climb high? And when a woman ‘uses’ a man, is the man being used only by the woman at that moment? Is he not using her as well?

It’s the same old story in every drama serial too. The recent drama serial ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ projects a similar ideology. The reason why leading female character gets the job and the promotion is that her boss wants to get close to her.

You must have heard such things about women many times, “I know you have entered assembly through the way of the bedroom.” Firdous Ashiq Awan once said to Kashmala Tariq in a talk show.

The next assumption might be, “Women don’t use woman card at all? That is not true either. But previous assumption is very strong, especially in backward areas, and for this reason, working ladies are considered voluptuous and cunning. And it is believed that “either all bad women do jobs or all the working women possess bad character. However, the question still stands in the middle, “a woman is a bad woman because of the man she is getting closer to; while this good guy always remains well?

There are many aspects associated with this fundamental aspect. One is that it’s not just about the character. The fact is that the man actually wants to keep the woman under control by making her wear a fake veil of modesty. He is trying to be a protector either truthful or fake. The working lady by society has been portrayed as a woman who leaves her paradise like home.

Man is also afraid of woman. If woman becomes independent, how will he impose his will on her as an alternate to expenses of the house he bears? If woman becomes independent and begins a journey of her identity; if that happens, they would raise their voices against the oppression and exploitation they were subjected to and would not go down. Such motivations are followed by restrictions placed on the woman under the guise of shame.

Another misconception that is found in our society about a working woman is that a woman is thought to be either greedy or fleeing from domestic responsibilities. The man’s job is to earn and the woman’s job is to cook, serve and wash the dishes. If the example of the Prophet (PBUH) was ever given to them, that he did all the household work, they would say that he was a Prophet and we are ordinary people.
As far as running away from domestic responsibilities is concerned, it has been observed that the working women are more agile than the domestic women; they carry the dual responsibility. They also take care of their personality. They keep themselves cleaner than the housewives. While our people have created the concept that perhaps working women are walking around like stray dogs.

As far as the reason for the woman’s job is concerned, it has been shown that they are greedy, while in reality many women work because of financial issues. They want to learn and teach. They want to explore their hidden potentials. It has been portrayed that she perhaps wants to avoid the clutter of the home while in reality she wants to play a role in shaping society. She wants to build her self-confidence.

Household women, on the other hand, have been taught that they live in paradise. They stay at home all day. Leaving a heaven-like home and loving husband, a working lady is someone who steps out of the house for money and illicit relationships. While events like domestic abuse and violence are overlooked. And women suffer because they have no other choice.

Domestic politics is also an abomination. The focus of attention for a domestic woman is her husband, brother, father or son. For this reason, the woman whether she is a sister or daughter, a wife or mother tries to push her man towards her with respect to the nature of relationship she has with him. In such domestic politics, the man gets caught in the middle and he is actually badly sandwiched among internal petty issues of domestic politics.

If these domestic women possess any talent or skill, It can not only disperse their thinking axis by keeping them busy in creative activities, but it also gives the men some personal space they badly yearn for. If a working woman is not considered bad, she can share the financial burden of a man. If both are on the path of equality, a man can live a happy life, because the victim of the patriarchal system is not only the woman but also the man. And the purpose of feminism is not to raise a voice against men, but to raise a voice against the patriarchal system.


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