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UN Chief Says Pakistan’s Journey From Terrorism To Tourism ‘Absolutely Remarkable’

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United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Monday has termed Pakistan’s journey from terrorism to tourism ‘absolutely remarkable’ in a seminar held at Islamabad’s National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST).

The UN chief, while responding to a question regarding Pakistan’s progress and improved security situation, has said “we are witnessing the state becoming present, both from the point of view of security [… and] basic service, development in an absolutely remarkable transformation.”

Antonio appreciated Pakistan’s role in United Nations, saying that he wants to pay tribute to the very strong commitment of Pakistan to multilateralism. He also acknowledged the contributions of Pakistani troops to UN peacekeeping missions.

“Pakistan is one of the most consistent and reliable contributors to UN peacekeeping efforts around the world,” Antonio Guterres tweeted on Sunday.

The UN chief is on a four-day visit to Pakistan to attend an international conference on Afghan refugees, he arrived in Pakistan on February 16.


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