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Senate Votes Against Giving Lawmakers Raise, Citing Country’s Economy Conditions

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The Senate of Pakistan has rejected a bill that sought an increase in the salaries of lawmakers. The proposed raise had led to intense discussion on whether or not it was appropriate for lawmakers to be giving themselves such a substantial raise at the current time.

The Salaries, Allowances and Privileges (Amendment) Bill 2020 was scuttled as 29 Senators voted against it, and only 16 voted in favour. Eventually, the ruling party PTI as well as opposition parties PPP and PML-N came out opposing the bill, while lawmakers from the MQM-P and PMAP felt that lawmakers needed a raise – given that their salaries are some of the lowest in the region.

A group of senators had pushed the Bill, seeking an increase of 100 percent in lawmakers’ salaries and other perks. Much of the opposition to this proposal was based on the alarming economic situation in the country.

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