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Residents Of Karachi’s Slum Area Living In Fear Of Losing Homes

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Government authorities are about to start yet another anti-encroachment drive in Gharibabad, Karachi. The homes of the poor working-class people will be vacated and bulldozed as they have been declared ‘illegal encroachments’ along the route of the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) project.

Karachi railway station superintendent had issued a notice saying that the people living along the KCR track are suggested to vacate their homes because swift action will be started from February 13 and onwards.

Journalist Fawad Hazan has tweeted a video today saying that Pakistan Railways had claimed that the nearby homes have illegally ‘occupied’ their homes, so their eviction is totally legal and mandatory. But in the video, it has been shown that the homes have not created any obstacle in the route of KCR. “Why Demolish them then,” the journalist questioned.

Urban Planner Muhammad Toheed has claimed that out of 4653 families, none is living on the track of KCR. He further said that the corrupt officials of railways just want to grab land from the poor to lease it to rich builders.

The Supreme Court (SC) on February 7, had directed the Sindh government and the Pakistan Railways to remove all encroachments, including all buildings and houses located in the way of the KCR. In March last year, more than 70 homes were demolished and their residents were not resettled by authorities as per the order of SC.

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