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Real Or Fake: Details Of Ehsanullah Ehsan’s ‘Agreement’ With Govt Emerge On Social Media

A Facebook account in former Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan’s name has shared a document claiming it to be the contract under which he surrendered to Pakistani authorities in 2017.

The alleged account of Ehsanullah Ehsan claims that he surrendered before the Pakistan Army under some conditions and a document shared from the said account mentions a number of conditions. It stated that all FIRs registered against Ehsan would be legally quashed. It also said that upon his return to Pakistan, he would not be kept in a torture cell but a ‘safe’ place and he would be welcomed in the country.

The fourth provision of the alleged contract is ambiguous because it says he would be given a monthly stipend to meet his daily expenses, but this particular sentence has been cut and the overwritten part says that he would be given 1 crore rupees at different points.

The alleged contract also stated that Ehsan’s security would be the government’s responsibility. And the last provision says that he would be allowed to use mobile phone and internet.

The veracity of the account remains unclear. Naya Daur is trying to verify the authenticity of the claims and the story will be updated accordingly.


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