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PSL Host Ahmed Godil Heartbroken Over Brutal Bullying After Opening Ceremony

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Anchor Ahmed Godil who hosted the Pakistan Super League (PSL) opening ceremony has opened up about the abuse and hatred he has been receiving following the ceremony. He said that he was clueless as to what he has done to deserve the backlash. “The women of my family are being abused. What have I done to deserve this?” he asked.

While talking on SAMAA TV’s morning show, he said that he has kept his phone on flight mode since last night because he has been getting countless calls and messages abusing him over his way of hosting the ceremony. “I am a host. What was I supposed to do, take off my clothes?”

Godil also said that he has years of experience behind him and he has hosted shows of renowned musicians Atif Aslan and Sonu Nigham. He also asked the naysayers not to be ‘jealous’ of him.

On Thursday, PSL’s opening ceremony was held at National Stadium Karachi. People on social media had various opinions on the way things were arranged at the ceremony but most commentators disapproved of the host’s style.


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