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PSL Honours Pakistan’s First Transgender News Anchor

Marvia Malik, the first transgender woman to become a news anchor in Pakistan was featured in #humarayheroes segment of Pakistan Super League (PSL) on Wednesday.

In a post match ceremony, PSL host Zainab Abbas interviewed Marvia in #humarayheroes segment, and praised her for achieving so much despite facing several difficulties all her life being a transgender woman.

Marvia Malik while talking to Zainab said, “I want to do something for my transgender community, we are not accepted in our homes, the same way we are not accepted in society. A transgender person’s life is struggle on an everyday basis, now I have gotten used to it.”

The first transgender news anchor earned her bachelors degree from University of the Punjab, and then came under spotlight when TV channel Koh-e-Noor hired her as a news anchor. She was abandoned by her family at a very young age.


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