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PIA Faced Loss Of 5 Billion On 19 Different Flight Routes In 2019

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) faced a loss of 5 billion rupees in category of direct operating cost (DOC) on 19 flights around the world from the period between January and December 2019, Naya Daur Media has learnt.

The documents added that the reason for the loss is high operating cost.

The documents available with Naya Daur further revealed that the national flag carrier is facing the highest loss on Pakistan-Paris-Barcelona-Pakistan flights. Last year, PIA faced 939 million losses on these flights.

The other flight resulting in most of the loss is Pakistan-Milan-Paris-Pakistan on which the national exchequer received a loss of 747 million rupees.

The documents mentioned that another flight which resulted in loss to the national exchequer is of Pakistan-Beijing-Tokyo- Beijing-Pakistan. The loss caused by these flights is 738 million rupees.

Another flight on which the national exchequer is receiving 556 million losses which is (Pakistan-Toronto-Pakistan).

Another highest loss making flight is (Karachi-London-Karachi) on which the airline is facing 552 million rupees losses.

The documents added that the national flag carrier is facing loss of 418.4 million losses on flight operating from Islamabad to London and from London to Islamabad.

Its pertained to mentioned here that the Minister of Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan and CEO of the airline Arshad Malik in parliamentary committees argued that due to their efforts the national airline is coming out of financial losses but parliamentarians from various political parties denied their claims and argued that the national flag carrier is facing still highest losses while the documents available predicted the same losses mentioned by parliamentarians.

Another flight Pakistan-Oslo-Copenhagen-Pakistan caused a loss of 267 million rupees.

Turbat-Mucat-Turbat flight is receiving loss of 88 million rupees, while Turbat-Sharjah-Turbat flight faces 66 million rupees loss. The Islamabad-Jeddah-Islamabad flight is receiving 58 million rupees loss, while Karachi-Dammam-Karachi flight recieves 49 million rupees loss.


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