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Petition Against Aurat March: Organisers Vow To March Come What May

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The Lahore High Court (LHC) has accepted a petition seeking to stop the upcoming Aurat March to be held on the International Women’ Day on March 8. The petitioner, Azhar Siddique said that Aurat March was being funded by ‘anti-state parties’ and it has the motive to spread ‘anarchy amongst the masses’.

The petition also termed the march ‘against the very norms of Islam’ and that its hidden agenda is to spread ‘anarchy, vulgarity and hatred’.

While commenting on the petition, a volunteer of the march Shmyla told Naya Daur that the petition is absurd and presents no sound legal argument. “Marching for our demands is our constitutional right. How can the high court accept a petition based on such nonsensical objections”, she asked.

She added that the basic principles of Aurat March are equality among genders, adding that the marginalized social classes are also represented in the organisation committee.

She further said that freedom of expression and right to assembly are human rights as enshrined in the constitution.

She added that the march will continue as planned, come what may.

“We’re seeking implementation of the rights already granted to us by the constitution”, she said.
Shmyla further said that there may be violent backlash against the organisers of the march, adding that the government must ensure security of the marchers.


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