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Pakistan’s National Psyche Is Full Of Delusions Of Grandeur

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Ahmed Suleman argues that the Pakistani nation should stop blaming the politicians and institutions for the crises we face as a country and engage in introspection. When the people are wrong in deciding whom to vote for, what to stand up; their interpersonal decisions gel together and become our national dilemmas.

Our national psyche is delusional to begin with, as our collective national conscience is suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. The deep state has become actual state, and the actual state has become a weak hard state, the major cities have become ‘real-estate’, the provinces have become ‘police state’, and the mafias have become community-states, the citizens remain ‘state-less’, and multiple rival centers of powers have emerged in the federal and provincial governments/assemblies, institutions, political parties, religious forces, NSAs, and Mafias as every entity fights for its constitutional mandate, institutional integrity and vested interests to benefit their beneficiaries.

How can a state be effectively run with multiple parallel systems at work? The unity of command is constantly being challenged as collective wisdom has wrongfully been substituted with collective hunting for the pound of flesh in the name of political/national/institutional/religious/security/business/economic rhetoric. When the courts fail to dispense justice, we get further barbaric social injustice in the name of justice, as society assumes the characters of judge, jury, executioner, prosecution in a delusional mindset. Isn’t society itself the criminal at large in reality?

A failed parliament gives rise to street politics. A failed education system gives birth to both national/ethnic divide and economic failure. A failed/corrupt government generates crisis to benefit the looters that funded their election campaigns. Failed institutions create NSAs, destructive policies create protests and disruptions, bad role-models create bad followers, bad functions create bad entities, bad deeds create bad destinies, misled voters create misled leaders, misled sentiments create mutant ideologies.

And the factory of evil across the board never shuts down – it only grows like a parasite, acts like a virus by gelling itself onto the various proxies across the board, and spreads like an epidemic throughout cities, towns, provinces and organs of the state and in the hearts and minds of its citizens through the voice, whispers and gossip with effective marketing, smart moves that above-the-law and strategies that play beyond the system’s grip.

Narrow down the hearts/minds/beliefs/actions/habits/characters of 22 crore Pakistanis and what do you realise? It appears that we suffer from multiple Personality Disorder(s) at all levels/pillars/bodies/organs of the State. What are the pillars of state i.e. institutions, media, governments, assemblies, courts, organisations, entities further made up of? They are made up of people to begin and end with! When the people are wrong in deciding whom to vote for, what to stand up for, whom to support and side with, whom to submit to, what to do in a specific situation, their interpersonal decisions gel together become our national dilemmas and hence realistic liabilities in a matter of time. It makes the pillars of state either diluted (a weak state) or mutated (a hard state where entities go beyond their constitutional mandates to serve their own agendas), who further do more wrongs to the very people they were meant to serve in the name of policy/mandate/rhetoric.

It’s a reverse causal damaging relationship if one were to look at it through the function of a psychological contract between citizens and the state. Pakistanis have performed everywhere in the world except in Pakistan because 90% Pakistanis are a product of failure of this society that comprises of them in the first place.

Budget deficit is a tip of the ice berg – what is really developing at a face pace is a trust deficit because the mainstream political parties are not able to deliver – should then we go for the abortion of this system? And replace it with nothingness because nothing in the past too has ever worked?


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