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Pakistan Welcomes US’s Relaxed Travel Advisory Due To ‘Improved Security’ In Country

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Pakistan has welcomed the recent change in the United States’ travel advisory for Pakistan, in which the US acknowledged an improvement in the security situation in the country.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aisha Farooqui on Saturday termed the move a “step in the right direction. She took to Twitter to say that the US has “acknowledged that ‘Pakistan’s security situation has improved’”.

The recent travel advisory from the US warned travelers not to go to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Balochistan and the Line of Control (LoC), but the rest of the country has been put at Level 3.

The travel advisory stated that Pakistan’s security environment has improved since 2014 when Pakistani security forces undertook concerted counter-terrorist and counter militant operations.

The FO’s statement acknowledging the US’s endorsement, stated: “Pakistan has made resolute efforts to enhance security throughout the country. Significant improvement in the security environment has led the United Nations to re-designate Islamabad as a family station for its personnel.”

Earlier, United Kingdom also revised its travel advisory in view of the improved security situation of the country.

“The positive decisions by Portugal and Norway with regard to their Travel Advisories for Pakistan also reflect the confidence of these European Governments in Pakistan’s security environment,” the FO said.


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