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Pakistan Diplomats Visit Wuhan To Meet Coronavirus-Diagnosed Pakistani Students

Pakistan Embassy officials in China visited coronavirus-hit Wuhan on Tuesday, met the four Pakistani students, who were diagnosed with coronavirus last month.

According to a report published in The Express Tribune, Chinese authorities allowed a two-member team from the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing to interact with the students studying in Wuhan, to get information regarding the facilities being provided to them and their current health status, following the outbreak of virus in the city.

The officials reached Wuhan on Monday and visited the university students today. They also met the administration to ensure precautionary measures were being taken to protect the students. “All the students in the universities visited today are safe, healthy and well looked after,” the statement by the Foreign Office (FO) read.

The Embassy of Pakistan has played a pivotal role in providing utmost facilitation to protect the students from the deadly coronavirus that has took more than 1,000 lives in China so far.


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