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Muslim Families In Violence-Hit Delhi Find Shelter In Sikh Gurdwaras

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Amid the violent Delhi riots that have claimed at least 20 lives and left more than 200 others injured, the Gurdwaras in the city have opened their doors for affected Muslim families to protect them from the prevailing wave of violence in the Indian capital.

The Sikh community of Delhi provided shelter to vulnerable Muslim families. Along with the doors of their hearts, they have also opened the gates of Gurdwaras for Muslims to ensure their safety in the current critical situation in the city.

Novelist Nilanjana Roy took to Twitter to inform people that Sikhs in Delhi had provided shelter to Muslims in Gurdwaras, whereas Dalits in Seelampur stopped extremist mob from attacking their Muslim neighbours. “Police and politicians have forgotten their duty; but the people have courage and heart,” she added.

Riots started in Indian capital on Saturday, but the city became the battleground on Monday, when the violent anti-Muslim mob started attacking every Muslim, shop, building, and even mosques in Delhi. Two mosques were vandalised and 20 people have lost their lives in the violence that erupted in the Indian capital on Saturday.


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