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Mathematician Loses Job, Forced Out Of Country For Revealing Ghost Teachers

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A Pakistani-American theoretical physicist and mathematician Amer Iqbal who brought to fore a scam at a government college and informed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of the same had to leave Pakistan after he lost his job. He discovered that funds worth Rs750 million were embezzled at a college. For the last 10 years, the said college was paying salaries to ghost teachers in Europe.

But instead of being rewarded for exposing corruption, he was punished by the administration and had to lose his job. This was revealed by renowned physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy who was speaking on SAMAA TV’s show on Thursday.

Hoodbhoy said that some teachers came from Europe for 15 days and then left, while many didn’t come to Pakistan in the first place. Iqbal wrote a 450-page report on the matter when asked to hold investigation. Hoodbhoy further told that the college where he worked did not renew his contract.
After losing his job in Pakistan, Iqbal left the country on January 17 and within 15 days, he was offered a job by the Harvard University in the US.


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  1. Javed Rajput April 24, 2020

    This was one of the biggest lost we have made this year. We lost one of the brilliant personality.


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