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Legal Dispute Over Rights To Maula Jatt Finally Settled

The dispute over The Legend of Maula Jatt appears to have been resolved after having been contested legally for many years. The upcoming film directed by Bilal Lashari had become the centre of a copyright-related dispute, but a report by Dawn Images states that it has finally been settled.

Muttaqi Sarwar had been of the view that the new Maula Jatt film, which is coming to screens soon, stands in violation of the copyrights of the original film. His father Muhammad Sarwar Bhatti had produced the original film in 1979, with Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi in lead roles.

The contending sides have now arrived at a settlement whereby Muhammad Sarwar Bhatti is recognized as the exclusive copyright and trademark owner of the original 1979 film, but in view of the need to revive Pakistani cinema he has generously permitted the use of his original work. Any legal challenges to the new film on that count will be removed. However, this settlement will apply only to the current film and not to any future violations of the original copyright.

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