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Lahore High Court Orders Move Away From Plastic Shopping Bags Within 15 Days

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Mega-stores in Lahore now have 15 days to comply with an order from the Lahore High Court (LHC) that requires them to discontinue the use of plastic shopping bags and switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives.

The order came from Justice Shahid Karim in the course of hearing an application moved by Haroon Farooq. The petitioner sought directions for the Punjab government on banning use, manufacture and sale of polythene bags.

The petitioner’s counsel told the court that the provincial chief secretary had already assured a full bench in a separate case that the government would prohibit the use of such shopping bags. But no regulations were introduced subsequently. This omission on the part of the provincial government, according to the petitioner’s counsel violated the fundamental rights of citizens under articles 9 and 14 of the Constitution.

The judge has now directed a law officer to ensure that the mega-stores switch to more environmentally friendly material for shopping bags.


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