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Khairpur Doctor Allegedly Killed By Relatives Of PPP Leader Manzoor Wasan

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A neuro-physician Dr Zulfiqar Mangi was found dead in Khairpur, Sindh on January 30. Some relatives of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Manzoor Wassan have been accused of his murder by Sindh-based activists on social media.

The police said investigation was underway to resolve the mysterious death. They said some suspicious activities were noticed in the doctor’s bedroom as a laptop was left open and he had earphones in his ears at the time of his death.

Some unverified details of the case have emerged on a section of social media. In January 2018, Aga Wassan, a relative of Manzoor Wassan physically assaulted Dr Zulfiqar Mangi’s brother, when the doctor refused to give medical assistance to the patient, who was brought in the hospital by Wassan’s family members. Dr Mangi refused to facilitate the patient saying that he needed to be treated by an orthopedic doctor and he could not do it because he was a neurologist.

The group then returned in the form of a mob with iron rods in their hands and to attack the doctor’s brother, they hit him so hard that a part of his ear fell on the ground. They then attacked Dr Mangi’s mother, who was begging for his son’s life.

At that time, police did not even register the first investigation report (FIR). Subsequently, doctors’ community raised their voice in their associations and media. Police then registered a case.

Following this incident in 2018, Dr Zulfiqar Mangi’s, while giving an interview to a local media outlet, described the incident and said that “the feudalism in Sindh is the cause of this incident and the thinking of people of Sindh needs to be rectified.”

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Just after the interview of Dr Mangi went viral on social media, he was allegedly murdered by members of Wassan family as his body was recovered a week ago from his home in Khairpur district Sindh.


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