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Karachi’s Crime Rate Less Than Washington, Delhi

Numbeo – an international survey-based organisation, in its recent World Crime Index has ranked Karachi at 93rd spot, that shows major improvement in terms of crime rate in the city. The index has showed that Karachi’s crime rate is less than Las Vegas, Washington, Marseille, Delhi and Birmingham.

Last month, Karachi was listed at the 88th spot, while the list showed a gradual decrease in the ratio of crime in the city in the past three years. In 2019, the city was ranked at 61st spot in the crime index by city list.

In its current ranking, Karachi is ranked 93rd among 386 cities. The website basis its data on surveys, according to which it divides them into three categories; ranking, crime index, and safety index.

According to the website’s description, “Crime Index is an estimation of overall level of crime in a given city or a country. We consider crime levels lower than 20 as very low, crime levels between 20 and 40 as being low, crime levels between 40 and 60 as being moderate, crime levels between 60 and 80 as being high and finally crime levels higher than 80 as being very high.”

In 2014, Karachi was ranked 6th on the World Crime Index. That year, 1888 people were killed in the city, including 117 officers and personnel of law enforcement agencies.


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