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Indian Minister Says Authorities Should Be Allowed To Shoot Those Raising ‘Pro-Pakistan’ Slogans

Indian Minister B.C. Patel demanded a law be passed giving powers to the law enforcement agencies to shoot the ‘anti-nationals’ or those raising ‘pro-Pakistani’ slogans at rallies, protests or any public gathering.

According to Indian media outlet Bangalore Mirror, Karnataka agriculture minister B.C. Patel said, “the Centre must promulgate a law that enables authorities to shoot those who do anything that is seen as anti-national and chant pro-Pakistan slogans.” He termed the mentioned law “much needed’’ to crush those ‘speaking against India’.

“In China, people are scared to talk against their country. I request PM Modi to bring in a tough law to deal with traitors,” said Patel.

Recently, a leader of Hindu right-wing group Sri Ram Sene had announced Rs 10 lakh bounty for killing Amulya Leona, the student activist who was arrested under sedition charges last week, for raising ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans at rally against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).


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