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Govt-Designated Hospital In Peshawar Not Treating Suspected Coronavirus Patients

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The patients diagnosed with coronavirus in Peshawar are being admitted to hospitals other than Police Services Hospital, which was declared a facility to entertain the virus-hit patients by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.

According to a news report published in DAWN, the KP government declared Police Services Hospital as the main facility to provide isolation to the suspected non-critical patients of the virus, but still patients are being admitted to other hospitals.

The newspaper quoted the Director-General Health Services Dr Tahir Nadim as saying that the KP government declared emergency on February 4 and invoked Public Health (Surveillance and Response) Act, 2017 for speedy procurement of medical and surgical supplies, following the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus in China. However, sources have claimed that the Police Service Hospital is not accepting patients for lack of intensive care facilities.

The latest case is of a 25-year-old patient, who was refused treatment by the designated-hospital saying it did not have intensive care unit for serious patients. Later, he was admitted to isolation room at Khyber Teaching Hospital.


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