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Ex Punjab Minister Wants Alcohol Fully Banned, Claims It Is Against His Religion

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MPA and former provincial minister, Khalil Tahir Sandhu is about to present a resolution for prohibiting alcohol before Punjab assembly.

He wishes to overturn the exception made for non-Muslim citizens during the regime of General Zia-ul-Haq. Sandhu is of the view that alcohol is prohibited by ‘all religions’ and that General Zia was wrong to permit alcohol for any community. Furthermore, he believes that any revenue made by the government from permits for the controlled sale of alcohol is immoral earning, which taints the whole system.

For Khalil Tahir Sandhu, the provision allowing non-Muslims to acquire and consume alcohol is a source of discredit, since in his religion, alcohol is prohibited.

The MPA is demanding the closure of all manufacturing units and bars – including in hotels – which sell alcohol. He has expressed his view that such activities cannot be permitted in Riyasat-e-Madinah.

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