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EU Appreciates Pakistan’s Progress On Child Rights, Expresses Concerns Over State Of Minorities

Pakistan’s improvement in the fields of child rights and climate change has been appreciated by European Union (EU) in its report on the General System of Preferences (GSP). The international body has also expressed concerns regarding human rights violations in the country.

EU’s GSP report published on Tuesday, has acknowledged the fact that the Pakistan government had agreed to carry out child labour surveys to counter the menace. However, EU has showed displeasure regarding human rights violations and mistreatment of minorities in the country.

It also mentioned that all GSP countries, including Pakistan, had improved reporting on environment and climate change and signed the Paris Agreement and the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

While expressing concerns over the state of media freedom and human rights violation in the country, the report pointed out calls to re-introduce the death penalty by some GSP states particularly in Pakistan. “In Pakistan, a number of international NGOs are being expelled. Freedom of expression including through the media is under threat,” the report stated.

Overall, however, the European Commission appreciated that GSP countries, particularly Pakistan, for meeting international standards. The GSP report has been presented to the European Parliament, and will be debated and subject to a dedicated resolution later this month.


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Naya Daur