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Danish Taimoor Denies Ayeza Khan Was Mobbed At Airport

Danish Taimoor has denied the incident that actor Ayeza Khan was catcalled at an airport on Wednesday. According to social media reports, a group of men shouted ‘do takkay ki aurat’, when they saw Ayeza khan, the lead actor of infamous drama Mere Pass Tum Ho.

Culture journalist Rafay Mahmood said on his Twitter handle, that Ayeza’s husband Danish Taimoor has ‘categorically’ denied this incident.

Earlier, singer Ahmed Butt took to his twitter handle to share what he witnessed at the airport. The singer said that he saw Ayeza Khan walking uncomfortably at a faster pace, as a group of men was shouting ‘Dou Takkay Ki Aurat’.

“I don’t know much about Pakistani drama serials but apparently, they were quoting some line that Humayun Saeed’s character Danish says to her which is something I found out afterwards. There were a couple of men who said this out loud then after which she just went away quickly,” Ahmed added in a thread on this incident that was later restricted to specific people on Twitter.



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