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Amazon Willing To Operate In Pakistan And Enlist Sellers

The giant online shopping portal Amazon.com does not ship to Pakistan nor can Pakistani sellers offer products there. In the past, Pakistani sellers have been finding indirect ways – by partnering with foreign companies or registering abroad – to overcome these restrictions.

But things are likely to change.

Reliable sources have indicated that a breakthrough has been achieved. Pakistani officials has been in touch with Amazon to negotiate conditions – including necessary financial regulations – whereby the company can allow listing of Pakistani sellers.

Amazon has expressed its willingness to enlist Pakistani sellers provided certain measures are taken by the government.

Our source has also informed that recommendations have been sent to the Ministry of Commerce and there a a few critical steps that need to be undertaken by the government.

The Ministry of Commerce needs to speed up this process and make Amazon operational in Pakistan, added the source.

This will be a major development and is likely to boost e-commerce in Pakistan and connect its entrepreneurs with a global market.

It should be noted that Amazon operates in India.


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