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Aasia Bibi Wants Political Asylum In France

Christian woman Aasia Bibi who left Pakistan for Canada after being absolved of blasphemy charges last year, said that she wanted political asylum in France. In an interview with RTL radio, she said that her ‘great desire’ is to live in France.

“France is the country from where I received my new life”, she was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo will bestow an honorary citizenship certificate today (Tuesday), which was granted to Aasia Bibi by the city in 2014.

Last year, Aasia Bibi fled the country and moved to Canada along with her family amid protests by right wing extremist groups against her acquittal. The Supreme Court had absolved Bibi of blasphemy charges after eight years of wrongful incarceration. Religious fanatics had called for murder of the judges who ordered Bibi’s release and termed her acquittal a conspiracy against Islam.


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