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15-Year-Old Boy Killed After Being Raped For 12 Days In Mandi Bahauddin

A 15-year-old boy Muzammil Hussain has been allegedly killed on Sunday, after being raped for 12 days in Mandi Bahauddin.

The picture of the boy had started doing rounds on social media since February 17, claiming that Muzammil was kidnapped, while going to school. The abductors then raped him for 12 days, and his body was found on Sunday.

A social media user claimed that the kidnappers cut off his hands and legs before killing him. The user said that his family is financially unstable and they can’t afford to fight for justice. “I can’t imagine how much they tortured him,” she added.



  1. Mahmood anwar February 19, 2020

    absolutely horrible, they must be arrested and hanged

  2. michael February 23, 2020

    This a crime beyond anything human. These animals must be captured, prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of Islamic/Pakistan law!!!


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