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Zartaj Gul In Awe Of PM Imran’s ‘Killer Smile’

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Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul has heaped praises on Prime Minister Imran Khan saying that he has a ‘killer smile’ that vanishes everyone’s worries.

In an interview, she was asked about the personality and body language of PM Khan, to which she replied, “The whole world is fan of PM Khan, people make his videos and upload them on social media because he has such a charismatic personality, that takes away everyone’s tensions.”

In response to a question about the opposition’s criticism of the government, she said that the party does not take opposition’s criticism seriously because they had declared that the PTI government has failed right after one hour of government’s rule.

People have taken to Twitter to criticise Zartaj Gul for the remarks.


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