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VU Student Reveals He Was Ousted From MSc Programme For Raising Voice Against Plagiarism

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A student of the Virtual University has revealed how he suffered discrimination and abuse for raising his voice against plagiarism at the university, as a result of which he was ousted from his MSc Economics programme.

The student, a candidate of MSc Economics, said that after around 8-9 years at Virtual University as a student, he realised that plagiarism was widespread at the university. He viewed that plagiarism was detrimental to the individual student as well as the nation.

He stated that he started an open struggle against plagiarism and subsequently faced the worst form of discrimination and abuse at the hands of authorities.

He further stated that he was shocked to learn that those involved in this activity were manipulating higher-ups using tempered data, even on the Prime Minister’s Citizen Portal.

The student also revealed that the university had disgracefully ousted him from the MSc Economics programme, in which he had a distinction, adding that VU had deferred his MC Computer Science result.

He also stated that the university had also threated to cancel his BS Information Technology and BS Computer Science degree.


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