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“Usman Buzdar Plus”: Ministers And Lawmakers Say They Have Had Enough Of KP’s Chief Minister

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Chief Minister of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan faces a challenge from within the party. Reports indicate that a group of some 20 MPAs has been formed, alongside five ministers. They are threatening to resign if governance is not improved.

This group is making comparisons between the CM of KP and the CM of Punjab, describing the former as “Usman Buzdar Plus”. They claim that the crisis of governance is worse in KP than in Punjab. There are accusations that appointments and transfers are being handled by the CM House through direct interference, and that the decisions are made “in Islamabad”.

The Chief Minister, however, takes the view that the accusations of bad governance are wrong, and that they stem from the dissatisfaction of “two or three” ministers with him. He claims to have refused to “adjust their near and dear ones” in various positions, leading to their hostility.

Sources speaking on behalf of the dissenting ministers and lawmakers claim that corruption and poor governance in KP are now much worse than they were in the time of the PTI’s previous and controversial CM Pervez Khattak.


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