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US President Donald Trump Believes He Deserved 2019 Nobel Peace Prize

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United States President Donald Trump has said that the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize was unfairly awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and that he should have been the award’s recipient.

In a video shared by American journalist Aaron Rupar on social media, the US president can be seen telling supporters that he prevented a major war, but he was not given the Nobel Peace Prize.

Trump stated that he had saved a country from war and that the head of that country had gotten the Nobel Peace Prize for saving the country. He added that he had something to do with saving that country from war but, “That’s the way it is,” he added.

A report in BBC has said that the US president was referring to 2019 peace prize recipient, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who became the youngest African head of government when he came to power after months of anti-government protests.

In October 2019, the Nobel Committee awarded it Peace Prize to the Ethiopian prime minister for his efforts to end the country’s conflict with neighbouring Eritrea that had been going on since decades.

A year earlier in July 2018, the leadership of Ethiopia and Eritrea had formally agreed to end a two-decade long stalemate that had occurred after their border conflict in 1998-2000.

The report in BBC says that United States did not play a role in the agreement, but instead, the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did.


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